quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Hotel de qualidade em Londres pro 1 libra!!!!

Começa dia 27 de janeiro a promoção, à meia noite do Reino Unido. A tarifa é válida para o período de 1 de Fevereiro a 30 de Abril. Aproveite!!!!

On 27th January at 12:00 noon (UK time) we will release 500 rooms at £1 available only on our website for dates between the 1st February - 30th April.
During our last sale, all our sale rooms sold out in 13 minutes and we had over 250,000 people trying to book these rooms. Given this huge amount of interest you may not get a room for a £1. However, we still have other great offers throughout the year!
  • Valentines weekend from only £89 per night
  • Easter weekend from only £69 per night
  • Weekends in May from only £49 per night
To make the sale as fair as possible all the usual rules apply, you are only allowed to book one room, for one night at a £1. If we find anyone misbehaving we will cancel all their bookings.
Our software has been improved since the last sale (fingers and toes crossed...) but the booking system is still the same, hence the room is not yours until you receive a confirmation number by e-mail. To help make the process easier and to try and reduce confusion please read our step-by-step guide of how to book.
Good luck

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